Professor Stone '95 Review

By Professor Stone for Slaughter in the Air Bootleg on July 28, 1996

All hail the return of the American nightmare. Nine Inch Nails took 1994 apart in a helter skelter ride of incredible proportions. As if the launch of the new studio masterpiece, the Downward Spiral, wasn't enough, Trent established another personal goal when he was asked to produce the soundtrack to the new Oliver Stone box office smash, Natural Born Killers. The film itself echoed the direction Nine Inch Nails themselves were heading in and their main aim to f**k big time with the American psyche.

In the summer of 1994, the Nail gang were thrust into the living rooms of middle class America as the pay-per view channel suddenly tuned into reality on fire in Saugerties, just outside New York state. Woodstock reared its ugly head in mid-August and nobody who viewed the proceedings hoping for a re-run of late sixties "peace and love" vibes were to be seen running in fear from the arena. Between them Nine Inch Nails and Metallica reduced the festival site to rubble with incredible displays napalm-metal carpet bombing. Nine Inch Nails came away with the award for the best act of the three day festival after turning in a display of mud drenched mayhem which showed that, at last, the real alternative was starting to rear its ugly head.

Who knows how they will follow this stupendous year in 1995? One thing is for sure, the bastard sons of the Manson family have only just began their campain of terror. This ain't rock an roll....this is genocide.

Professor Stone

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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