Broken : The Story of Anger

Originally published in unknown on July 28, 1992

Following the release of Pretty Hate Machine TVT Records was very "energetic" about Nine Inch Nails producing a follow up album to capture a greater amount of the music market. This however was not the immediate desire of Trent Reznor, he decided to retain his artistic integrity rather than collapsing under TVT's pressuring. At the time, Johm Malm was the manager of Nine Inch Nails adn he said, "Trent would have moved lawns rather than make another record for TVT."

Steve Gottlieb, who originally signed Nine Inch Nails with TVT Records somewhat blamed himself for the "breakdown" in positive relations between Trent Reznor and TVT Records. After and extensive struggle, the battle was finally settled. Jimmy Lovine, president of Interscope Records bought out TVT Records to acquire Nine Inch Nails. Part of the buy out included allowing Reznor to create his own record label, which came to be called Nothing.

To Gottlieb's surprise, Trent had created a mini album in secrecy during his struggle against TVT. Though it was not the expected "sequel" to "Pretty Hate Machine," it was an instant hit. Drawing off of raw and intense emotions based mainly from anger, it gained Nine Inch Nails an image of more than just a "mainstream" band, but a leader in the industrial music scene. Six harsh songs with a theme video that rivals "Faces of Death," Broken is one of the best representations of living anger ever created. If you doubt the full power of Halo 5, simply watch the video and listen to the CD several times with an open mind, then the true intensity is revealed.

Transcribed by Keith Duemling

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