10Q with Alessandro Cortini (New NIN Member)

By Big Boss for SPLAT.COM on February 1, 2005

1) Describe Alessandro Cortini in three words.

AC) Blind old freak

2) Are you vain?

AC) Sometimes.

3) Are you kind to small mammals and old ladies?

AC) Yes.

4) What music are you currently listening to?

AC) Kasabian(self titled),Alva Noto (Wohltemperiert,Vrioon and Opto 2nd) Barry Schrader(Lost Atlantis)

5) What are you thoughts on Guns n'roses?

AC) I love "Appetite For Destruction". I was a huge GNR fan. There are no Guns or Roses at the moment, in my opinion.

6) How did the Nine Inch Nails thing come about?

AC) I saw a flyer for the audition and I went for it.

7) Have you heard the new Nine Inch Nails album, and if so, what are your favourite tracks and why?

AC) I listen to it everyday, and soon you will too...

8) The first single from 'With Teeth' has been confirmed as 'The Hand that Feeds. Would that have been your first choice of single?

AC) I am not good at picking singles.

9) Which fesitvals are you looking forward to doing this year and which countries are you looking forward to visiting?

AC) I am looking forward to any and all the shows we'll be playing this year. It is going to be a blast.

10) What are your hopes for 2005?

AC) Tour as much as humanly possible.

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