With Teeth Review

3 out of 4

By Steph Trong for Jane Magazine on April 26, 2005

TrentReznor1991: Hi Trent Reznor 2005, I'm Trent Reznor from 1991.

TrentReznor1991: So, you don't feel much like talkin', eh?

TrentReznor1991: Well, you've gone and ripped off my style again haven't you?

ReznorRoomModerator: In his defense, it's a good style. The teens can identify. The disgruntled mall workers. The goth bartenders drinking away their paychecks on service industry night. He's merely giving voice to the same people you do: someone who's pissed, someone on their knees, someone vindictive.

TrentReznor1991: Yeah, and With Teeth updates "the hit" - you know, the song that inspires people to call DJs and beg them to dedicate it to their exes and bosses. Of course, there are a few renditions of what I like to call "the mess," the sloppy violent song I created that is full of pain, bleating and the sound of a billion pots and pans being thrown off a tall building.

ReznorRoomModerator: Ah, I love "the mess." I love both of you Trents, though you are virtually indistinguishable.

Ministry1986: Will you please both shut the hell up?

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