Album reviews: Year Zero, by Nine Inch Nails (#2)

By Brenda Reid for Helium on April 24, 2007

With the disappointing sales of the double-disc 'The Fragile' in 1999, and the disappointing (to me, anyhow) body of work included in 2005's 'With Teeth', it seemed Nine Inch Nails' mastermind Trent Reznor would never return to form. However, with his intentionally leaked new concept album, 'Year Zero', it seems Trent has found a winning formula.

The opening track "Hyperpower!" justifies the exclamation mark in its title, a scathing instrumental which definitely amps up the listener for the impending journey ahead. "The Good Soldier" sports a catchy beat, choc-full of Prince-esque electronic snare.

A definite eye opener would be the chorus of "Vessel", with layered vocals screaming "By God-can it go any faster?!" and surrounded by an inventive beat most modern hip hop producers would be jealous of. "Capital G" borrowed an aura straight from the 1980's, half-rapped lyrics which could lead to either laughter or disappointment. However, every track, from the Queen-esque "The Great Destroyer", to the beautiful album-ending "Zero Sum", shows that Trent Reznor discovered his personal envelope and gave it a hearty push.

BUY this record. Listen for yourself at http://yearzero.nin-thespiral.com . Enjoy!

Transcribed by Lt. Randazzo

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