NIN rocking out both HD DVD and Blu-ray

By Matt Burns for EngadgetHD.com on September 26, 2006

No matter what side of the high-def media battle line you are on, Nine Inch Nails has you covered with their first high-def concert disc. Nine Inch Nails Live: Beside You In Time is set to hit both HD DVD along with Blu-ray sometime in the first quarter of '07 and features two live shows shot in glorious 1080p. We don't have an exact release data nor pricing but the one thing that we are sure about is this is what Debbie Block from eMediaLive was talking about when she predicted that the music industries fate was in the hands of high-def media producers. The music industry needs to jump on board of these high-def formats in order to appeal to the "at-home" music listeners by combining high-quality music with outstanding video quality. The iPod already has the mobile crowd jammin' to low-quality music abroad but the home may still prove to be a profitable market and if you ask us, we love the idea of high-quality audio and video all mixed up in some sick synergy of killer music.

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