The upcoming summer tour

Originally published in nin.com on March 23, 2006

The upcoming summer tour will be the last of nine inch nails touring in the US for a while. With that said, I couldn't come up with a better lineup than what I'm fortunate enough to offer you this time around. Bauhaus has been a major influence of mine over the years. Their sound, look and style made me want to start a band. One of the first tours we were on was with Peter Murphy - a hero of mine. To share the stage with these guys now is truly an honor.
TV on the Radio is one of my favorite new bands to emerge in the last few years. In a climate where everyone is trying to either sound the same or blatantly rip a cool older band off, these guys are doing their own thing. I've heard their new record and it's groundbreaking. They will be on the first half of the tour (5/27 - 6/14).
The one and only Peaches will be joining us on the second half! I've loved Peaches ever since I heard "Fuck the Pain Away". You will want to get to the show on time because she is the SHIT.
I'm really looking forward to ending this phase of touring with these acts - hope to see you there. No snow this time, no ailments, no exploding drummers, all good!


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