Spiral Chat Transcript

Fans interview Nine Inch Nails

By Nine Inch Nails for The Spiral Fanclub on November 7, 2005

Se7en: Alessandro, Olive Garden or Home Made?
a_cortini: home made, if it's your mother cooking

Se7en: Jeordie, Which is your favorite of the six star wars films? Favorite Star Wars Game?
jeordie_white: Empire Strikes Back.

Vampire60: Alisandro- When you hooked up with NIN did you bring your own setup as far as gear goes? You've brought a diffrent sound to this live version of NIN and it's great! Thanks
a_cortini: of all the stuff i brought in i kept a line 6 delay pedal....all the rest has been collected during the rehearsal phase.

lament: Aaron, how long have you been playing guitar and who are some of your major influences? Thank you. aaron_north: ehhhhhhh... since i was 14... but i'm probably as good now as i was when i was 16 after i learned how to hold a power chord... influences... ron asheton, syd barrett, greg ginn, pete townshend... i like porridge.

kohen: Question for Jeordie - It's evident that the past few years have yielded a lot of change in your life in MANY aspects - what provoked these changes? Your decision to leave Manson and Co. and move on to APC and now NIN was obviously a big one.
jeordie_white: Leaving Manson was a natural progession im my life.

NineInchSnails: Alessandro: Hey Alessandro. I'm a big fan of not only your synth and instrmental work with nin but your other band ModWheelMood. I have been listening to them for a couple of months now and I think the music is really nice and I'm drawn to the sound. Are there any plans to start writing music and or playing shows with M.W.M. in the near future?
a_cortini: No thanks.No shows planned, but an album should be out this coming year.

MeganRae: How did the departure of Alex Carapetis/ addition of Josh Freese come about?
trent_reznor: Josh is the RIGHT drummer for this band. It took us a while to figure that out, but now we know.

kohen: Question for Jeordie - It's evident that the past few years have yielded a lot of change in your life in MANY aspects - what provoked these changes? Your decision to leave Manson and Co. and move on to APC and now NIN was obviously a big one.
jeordie_white: Without change there is no growth. these chicken fingers are great!!!

DrSatan: Hey guys! Thank You for doing this, my question is." what do some overly obsessive fans do that totally tick you off?"
jeordie_white: Ask to take a photo when mt hands are full of luggage and its 8;00 in the morning.rrrrahhhh!

Impure: Trent, many fans felt that the "Almost Acoustic Christmas"show would not give the band a fair amount of time for their set, and that the event was overpriced. What was your decision making process to do that ?
trent_reznor: show? You can't please everybody.

GOD: hey, im wondering how the band feels about one another, who is the prankster in the band, who is the quiet one? who uses all the anal lube? do any of you NOT like muffins? who gets freaked out the easiest?
aaron_north: alessandro is the quietest... only cos he's a foreigner and still doesnt have a good grasp on the english language, so he can't really communicate with the rest of us... i freak out the easiest when hot gay studs are hangin out and wanna party and anal penetration is imminent.

HaloThirteen: Hi Jeordie! How's it going? What is your favorite NIN song that you like to play for a performance?
jeordie_white: I like playing" Were in this Together"

somewhat_: Josh: Will you still be involved with Nine Inch Nails live after 12_10_2005?
josh_freese: It's looking like it. I tried getting out of it but looks like they're not letting me get away that easy. Nah, just kidding....it's great and I'm looking forward to touring with them in the New Year. Those 2 gigs I did in Oct were fucking great and I was really bummed I couldn't continue on at the time but.....looks like it's working out in the end and we'll be doing a bunch more stuff anyhow.

mary_sanfran: Hi Jeordie! At the Santa Cruz show on Tuesday it looked like you were looking for someone in the crowd - didja find her?::smile
jeordie_white: it was the singer of the Spin Doctors>and yes i found him

mallory: Type here Hey Trent, just wondered how you're feeling after such a long time on the road. Also, thanks for all the photos, footage from the shows etc. Keeps us fans here in Europe included in what's going on.
trent_reznor: I'm ready for a break and looking forward to not playing for a little while.

shagg187: My question would be kinda to everyone. I wanna know that how are the opening bands selected? Is it something everyone decides, or just something that Mr. Reznor decides... OR is it somewhat related to the record label giving their recommendations. Like what is the whole process? Also... is there any band in everyone's mind that they want to be the opening act in the following tour, because I can see that "The Standard" are already in the list. If so, who? Thank you so much for your time and i wish you a Merry Christmas In Advance... unless no one really cares :D
aaron_north: we dont even really know what any of the bands sound like when they're picked... we just have their press photos sent and then pick the bands with the hottest dudes in them... or if the dudes just have that "look"... y'know... like their just down to party and you can tell they're down for turd burgling... then, they're in.

Impure: Jeordie, with all the artists you have worked with, I would imagine there is an array of influences you get with the way you approach each thing you work on. How would you say that working closely with so many people has influenced you?
jeordie_white: They all steal my ideas,

sharkdiver: How do you guys avoid getting sick while touring nonstop, when so many of us that go to the shows get deathly ill just afterwards? Is it something in the water?
a_cortini: Ask aaron.He is always siiick.

burlesk: Aaron what's your favorite song to play live?
aaron_north: "with teeth"

Vampire60: Band - Do you guys play any video games while on the road?
a_cortini: actually, we play ALL video games while on the road.

chappu: are any of you interested in going in studio with Trent to assist him on songs, much like members of the past have.
josh_freese: yeah....of course. I actually did work for 3 or 4 days with Trent a few years back on the "Tapeworm" project and we got alot of great stuff done and we seemed to work well in that capacity. That stuff didn't end up coming out but I had a great time working with him in the studio and would love to do more in the future. That is....if he pays a shitload of money.

lunautilus: In the past, you've been quoted as saying that people should probably not hold you up as a hero because you've fucked up plenty. What do you think about the idea that you are a good role model because you've positively influenced thousands of people despite (maybe, sometimes) being a grumpy bastard? You must admit you have a bit of a knack for taking rather unpleasant emotions and turning them into something beautiful.
trent_reznor: Go fuck yourself.

anjellyka98: Josh, very happy to see you playing last night. You rocked! My question is, how do you feel when you play with NIN in relations to when you play with other bands?
josh_freese: Tired!

everythingiscold: My question is for Aaron North...or Trent in that case. I read that Aaron uses a Fender Twin Reverb and uses the big cabinet on stage....that's a good amp. What types of pedals and effects does he use? distortion pedals? etc... especially to get that sound out of a fender twin...
aaron_north: lots of different stuff... people think the trick to getting a certain distortion sound is what type of effect pedal you use... it has more to do... at least in my case... with just turning the amp up and letting it break up naturally... you know, the old fashioned way.

trent_reznor: (just kidding)

sharkdiver: Do you guys have a pre show mantra? "Go team" sounds wicked gay, but you get the idea...
jeordie_white: we sit in complete silence for 4 hours before and after the show.To hear the quiet sound of gas

sunshinemccloude: Trent-I absolutely love designs of the NIN cds and booklets. How much input do you usually have on the artwork and visual theme of the album?
trent_reznor: I have input but I don't do them. Rob Sheridan is responsible as of late.

anaismorr: Question for Jeordie: You started out as a guitarist for Amboogalard. What inspired to switch to bass and who are your influences?
jeordie_white: i switched to bass the day I joined MM.

anaismorr: Question for Jeordie: You started out as a guitarist for Amboogalard. What inspired to switch to bass and who are your influences?
jeordie_white: I was(am) a Metal Head.Many Iron Maiden concerts

Impure: Aaron, you commented early that you really hate it when fans throw their shitty demos up on stage during shows. Is there any method that you would prefer for fans to try to get you to listen to their shitty bands?
aaron_north: yes... if you record a demo and then sit on your hands in your room for the rest of your life, nobody is going to hear it... quit waiting around for somebody else to "discover" you, and start playing gigs and putting records out... if nobody wants to put em out, put it out yourself... if nobody will book your band, book your own shows or put on your own shows... if the music is good, eventually people will start to pay attention.

Impure: Trent, what is your thought process for picking what songs become singles off of the new album?
trent_reznor: Picking singles feels like marketing to me. I rely on the label and management to present options to me. I NEVER listen to the radio unless it's talk, so it's hard for me to imagine what song of mine they'd play.

Wild_Thing: Hello gentlemen. Are you excited about playing the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas?

nosignofheaven: Jeordie, Aaron or Alessandro: was it difficult to learn the NIN catalog at first?
jeordie_white: It was real hard for arron and ally

Papagolash: Alessandro, what exactly are you doing on the floor during Reptile?
a_cortini: i am using two delay pedals as samplers, and trigger some weird organ like chords from them that i have previously sampled off the modular synth.In other words:nothing, really.

brokk: do you guys ever get on stage and just "forget" the lyrics, or the chords, or forget what your doing?
josh_freese: Yeah....ususally when I'm playing "spot the hot chick with the boyfriend who looks like I could kick his ass" in the audience routine.

nosignofheaven: Trent: if you could hand pick another "mainstream" act to tour with (like QOTSA) who would it be?
trent_reznor: I don't consider QOTSA "mainstream".

Missmacbeth: Jeordie, what has kept you sane these past months of touring?
jeordie_white: who said I was sane? shopping malls,video games and movies take the edge off.

marbear: Jeordie, if I was cheese would you spread me?
jeordie_white: What kind of cheese are we talking about here?im a big fan of rotten dairy products

fragile: Josh; I am great fan of your druming. In think your work on "The Noose" is brilliant, and the drum pattern for "The Package" is just wonderful. I'm very happy to se my favorite drumer in my favorite band. Can you tell us a bit about your new project (with Danny Lohner?), who else are involved? How would you descr
josh_freese: ibe the sound? thanks......uh......I've been recording w Danny and Wes Borland on and off for a little bit on what was going to be a Wes solo record but I think they're going to do a band and I'm not sure what my involvement will be past the recording stage quite yet. I haven't heard anything lately that they've been working on but last I heard it...it sounded really good.

anjellyka98: Aaron, you are such an amazing performer. What do you do to keep you energized throught the tour?
aaron_north: we sit around all day doing a whole lot of nothing, so when you finally get an hour and a half to move around, it just kinda happens... performing live is my way of releasing all the stress that accumulates in day to day life... if i didnt get to play live, i'd probably be knocking out old women and strangling small children or something.

Impure: Trent, are you happy with the spiral since you launched it?
trent_reznor: It brings me an immense amount of joy.

B_BooRad: Aaron - why the chicken suit in San Antonio (I believe it was)?
aaron_north: things get monotonous on the road... its fun to mix things up.

blueminded: hey aaron,how old were you when you started playing guitar?
aaron_north: 14

queenolympias: Jeordie: What NIN song do you hate the most? or just hate to play in concert?
jeordie_white: I better not answer that question......

robbits: Alessandro, when was the last time you went to Disneyland?
a_cortini: june 2000 i believe.Wanna go?

Natalie_Kleiner: Jeordie - I picked up �I Got a Brand New Egg Layin� Machine� are you planning to do more with Goon Moon? I like it. I must address: We met after a show here in Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN - Thanks to a surprising pleasure that evening of getting an invitation to join all of you after the show when I was up at the bar getting a drink. I apologize up front for not knowing who you were. Apparently I don't keep myself updated on things lately so to say. You put your hand out as I was walking to the bathrooms and said "Hi, I am Jeordie". I in turn introduced myself. You asked me if I was going to go poop. Then put your arms around me and started slow dancing. I must say you are lovely. I had a very great feeling around you. Content. I enjoyed the beautiful company and certainly hope I can be with a
jeordie_white: ll or any of you again. What?

Se7en: Josh, How has youre past experiences with Jeordie in APC helped out in NIN?
josh_freese: We'd already gotten to like 2nd base a few years ago so..... now there's no awkward.....you know.....who's gonna make the first move thing?

Annemarie: Aaron why did you throw the keyboard?
aaron_north: cos it fuckin looked at me the WRONG FUCKIN WAY MAN... that's the last time i experiment with psychedelic hallucenigenic drugs on a show day man.

guy: Jordie I've lost the masters of my first three albums along with my creativity and ability to write good music. Any idea where they are? Bri
jeordie_white: Floating down magazine street?

spookshow_baby: To All: Favourite album of 2005?
a_cortini: Neil Diamond :12 songs

dinkdope: For arron.... What is your pedal setup on stage?
aaron_north: i have a "ground control" thingy that controls all of my pedals that are kept in a rack, so that if water is thrown around or trent throws a mic stand my way or something, one of my favorite 400 dollar pedals or whatever doesnt get destroyed... then i have a wah pedal, volume pedal, flux capacitor... and then a kill switch so if i'm not playing during a certain part, my guitar isn't feeding back and making noise, and i can also tune my guitar.

Impure: Trent, in the new batch of dates I haven't seen anything in California. Are you planning on something or did we offend you in some way? On that note I formally apologize for Sacramento.
trent_reznor: We've played about 15 shows (look it up) in CA since March. We've currently played 113 shows worldwide this tour as of today. How much more do you want?

anaismorr: Hi Jeordie :) A very big fan here of your work. I really liked I got a Brand new Egg Layin' Machine. Do you have any future plans with Zach Hill and Chris Goss in doing another Goon Moon record?
jeordie_white: I plane on puttin some stuff together ion the break.

PlatinumOrgy: Alessandro: Parla Italiano?
a_cortini: certo.essendo nato in italia ed avendo vissuto la' per 23 anni, penso di poter affermare di avere una certa dimestichezza con la lingua italiana.

moonbeam522: Aaron how many years have you been playing to get to the amazing playing level you are at now?
aaron_north: ehhh... i've never really practiced... i didn't play guitar when i was younger cos i figured i'd never be good enough to solo like slash or whatever... i only started to actually play when i discovered punk rock and realized i could do that too... and part of the punk rock thing was just doing it yourself and playing shows as soon as you could plug in a guitar... so my style was developed playing for years and years in shitty clubs in front of 20 people at a time... i sucked for a realllllly long time... and i'm still no yngwie.

50_volt_phantom: Trent, any chance of ever seeing you guys tour with Dillinger Escape Plan? I know Aaron and Greg from Dillinger know eachother, and the guys in Dillinger all seem to be interested in doing that, it would be one killer show. trent_reznor: I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in Toronto and it was fucking AWESOME. With that said, I really wouldn't want to try to follow that...

void_nz: Josh, Whats your ideal sandwich?
josh_freese: gum, rubberbands and 8 sided Dn'D dice......on rye

suck: Jeordie? Can we still call you Twiggy since most of us have grown up with that name over the years?
jeordie_white: I never asked you to stop.Out of context its a bit silly though,dont you think?

jadezuki: Josh Freese - Are you going to continue your extensive studio work, or are you focusing exclusively on Nine Inch Nails (e.g. new album, remixes, touring)?
josh_freese: Yeah....I'll continue working with other people when I'm at home. Touring in the new year with NIN will take me away from that temporarily but whenever I'm home I end up keeping myself busy

newworldman: to trent/the band have you been invited to the grammy award show and would you play/attend anyway given your past history of not attending?
trent_reznor: I'd like to officially say FUCK the grammys. Talk about out of touch. If you want to see why the record business is collapsing, look no further than the incredible lack of talent and innovation being celebrated on those lists. The grammys are NOTHING more than a popularity contest under the guise of having some importance.

fearfeelscarfyou: Jeordie, are you planning on colaborating more with james iha?
jeordie_white: I love James Iha hes a good friend and a smart dresser.I think hes a little too busy hanging out with Ryan Adams and The strokes

spiral94: Trent -- Any more info from Interscope on the release of Closure?
trent_reznor: I keep bugging, they keep stalling. I don't know.

Dianna: Jeordie, Will you tell everyone whether or not that's actually your MySpace? And, no. I didn't message you.

Annemarie: Aaron...What other bands do you listen to?
aaron_north: i like all sorts of stuff... i listen to a lot of old folk stuff... bert jansch, dylan, roky erickson etc etc... old punk stuff... the damned, stooges, circle jerks, the birthday party... i don't listen to too much contemporary music.

synthmeister: allesandro.. what kind of gear do you have? what's your favorite synth?
a_cortini: AKAI samplers,Virus C synths, and Analogue Systems modules and French Connection controller.The French Connection brings me a pleasure similar to a really intense sexual plateau...

kearneyin2034: What is everyone's favorite Limp Bizkit album?
jeordie_white: Follow the Leader

btadc: Question for Trent: This is the first time NIN goes to South America. How was your experience with the audience and will we see more similar venues in the future down south? Hope you're feeling better...
trent_reznor: I'm glad we finally got to play there, but I wish we hadn't played festivals in Brazil. Sadly, festivals usually make it financially feasible to play in some out of the way places, but the experience is sub-par. Certainly for Brazil this time I felt that was the case. In Argentina however, we had a GREAT crowd and a great time (our own show).

skufti: josh - you happy to be back?
josh_freese: Yes, we're all rejoicing. I'm feeling very happy and gay about it.

anaismorr: Question for Jeordie: If you were offered Billion Dollars to work with Manson again, would you do it?
jeordie_white: Money is not what is keeping us from working together

sorcerer6: Hi Jeordie, you're awesome! How do you feel about being a rent-a-guitarist? And who do you like best, Trent, Maynard, or Marilyn?
trent_reznor: Trent's the coolest.

void_nz: Alessandro: If you could be a penguin, an otter or a zebra which would you be?

josh_freese: I'd work w Manson for only a half billion dollars. No problem.

Impure: Alessandro, I noticed you have taken on many tasks other than just keyboards at the shows. Would you care to explain what those are and how you like multi-tasking?
a_cortini: multi-tasking is the salt of the earth.

void_nz: Aaron: Do you have any really valuable guitars which were owned by some Guitar God? Do you collect any or many?
aaron_north: i don't really go after guitars that were owned by anybody "famous" or anything... but, any guitar player is probably a compulsive collector... i've always liked the way old hagstrom guitars play... particularly the models from the early 60's... i have a bunch of those... am always buying more... i like old fenders too... jazzmasters, jaguars, tele's and such... am even more into old effects pedals... i have a bunch of cool old stuff like a mosrite "fuzzrite" pedal... fun stuff. none of my music gear collections can rival my gonzo gay hardcore anal video collection though.

NINman: Hey what happened to Leo? I did'nt see him around at the Denver show.
trent_reznor: Leo's working full time on a fashion line. Seems to be the thing to do these days.

dauphinesdumaine: alessandro....do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic, or is that stereotyping?
a_cortini: I FEEL GOOD!

asharma4: Josh: Favourite drum solo of all time?
josh_freese: I pretty much don't like drum solos. Unless it's by someone who's never picked up sticks before.....that would be kinda good.

tab00: How has the constant touring been for all of you guys?
a_cortini: great, but tiring.It's going to be good to be home for a while.

void_nz: Jerodie: Of all of the pervious bands you have played with, which has been the most demanding to play live?
jeordie_white: who's jerodie?

Demoness_Abigor: Aaron: What is your favorite way to get 'psyched' up before a show?
aaron_north: watching trent disrobe from his street clothes and get into his stage clothes gets me more excited than anything.

PlatinumOrgy: To Trent: Have you ever been to one of P.Diddy's parties?
trent_reznor: Of course! However, I try to avoid them because once The Did gets a few drinks in him he starts hitting on me. Gets really uncomfortable.

NIN_nurse: Aaron, after smashing all those guitars during this past leg of the tour, how many do you think you went through?
aaron_north: i dunno... i've gone through way more boy toys on this tour though.

jadezuki: To any (maybe Trent, Rob, or Alessandro): Excited about OS X on Intel hardware?
a_cortini: Not yet.I hope i will be when the time comes.

tenthousandlies: Aaron- are you breaking your own guitars or are they Trent's?
aaron_north: they're mine

nine_inch_nerd: one important question for me: do you visit europe in 2006 and will there be an arenatour in europe 2006?
trent_reznor: We're discussing it now. I don't know but I'd like to.

patchband: Aaron: Favorite candybar?
aaron_north: heath

pamelas: Alessandro- where in Italy are you from and when was the last time you went home?
a_cortini: Forli'.I was there last july.

BeautifulLiar: Will fans get a chance to see Perfect Drug live?
jeordie_white: That would be a question for Josh

PlatinumOrgy: To Aaron North: Is it really true that you like it in the pooper from hunky muscle bound guys?
aaron_north: is that an offer?

josh_freese: I don't really do drugs

josh_freese: But if it was Perfect? I'd have to think about.

math_robichaud: Question for Trent: which talking heads album is your favorite ? thank you
trent_reznor: Remain In Light. One of my all-time favorite records I still listen to constantly.

peto: how did you guys like the new depeche mode album? it's kinda funny that 'playing' and 'with teeth' are opposing each other in 'electronic vs live sounding' thing
a_cortini: it's a great album.a pleasant surprise.

trent_reznor: Chat's over. Time to start bitching!


a_cortini: go get laid now, kids.

Impure: Josh, with all the artists you have worked with, I would imagine there is an array of influences you get with the way you approach each thing you work on. How would you say that working closely with so many people has influenced you?
josh_freese: It's inspiring to work with so many great artists. It's a fucking trip working w NIN one day and then someone I grew up loving like Devo or Paul Westerberg the next.

josh_freese: Don't be weird about it.

josh_freese: Everybody Remember! Don't be fucking weird about it!

rob_sheridan: That's it for the chat tonight everybody. There will be a complete transcript up on The Spiral soon.

josh_freese: E=mc hammer 2

rob_sheridan: That is, if Josh ever logs off.

josh_freese: never! -

rob_sheridan: Josh. Time to go play drums.

josh_freese: I'm fucking staying here and don't be weird about it!

rob_sheridan: Okay, goodnight everyone.

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