Spiral Chat Transcript

Fans interview Nine Inch Nails

By Nine Inch Nails for The Spiral Fanclub on February 10, 2006

dabucholtz: Aaron, have you broken any bones this tour?
aaron_north: naw brah... first show is tonight... the only thing i've broken so far is a lot of wind backstage

r_martinez: To Mr. White how does it feel to be the tall one now???
jeordie_white: Actually, Josh is about one inch taller that I am.

pixiesaresublime: Aaron which stooges guitarist do you like better?
aaron_north: Ron Asheton... way better than that other goofball who wasn't technically in "the stooges", but "iggy and the stooges", which is 2 totally different bands bro-hammer

wrj1208: How is the new album coming along Trent? Are you enjoying working on new material?
Trent_reznor: Yes, I have been enjoying using that part of my brain. I've had a "weird" time off and working on music has really reminded me why I'm here and doing this.

scole: Did you have a chance to see anything when you were in South America?

r_martinez: To Mr. White how does it feel to be the tall one now???

Kimmuriel: Josh: Have your arms fallen off yet from rehearsing The Perfect Drug?

Abaryn: Trent, my friend (whose standing in line outside the show) wanted me to ask you these two qusetions.. and I apologize for him being a beating. 1) Why did you cancel the soundcheck? 2) Why did you leave him (and everyone else I assume) outside freezing their asses off?
Trent_reznor: Sorry, I never said we were going to invite people in today. 1st night, lots of things to work on getting together.

Kimmuriel: Jeordie: What was the last song you listened to?
jeordie_white: "Cousin Dupree" by Steely Dan

PaulGuyet: After this leg of the tour are you going back to the studio until the new album is done or are you touring again?
Trent_reznor: We're going out again this summer in the US - amphitheatres in major markets...

escowden: In song development, how do you keep your ideas organized? Do you start with a composition in mind, or do you create a bunch of loops/samples first and then find ways to put them together?
Trent_reznor: No set way, really. Usually at first I try not to overthink things and see where it goes.

stigma: Jeordie, do you have a favorite character from Star Wars? If so, who is it?
jeordie_white: Jar Jar Binks by far is the greatest character in any movie...EVER

r_martinez: To Mr. North I just want to thank you for reminding TR on how he used to be onstage tearing shit up!!! Been a fan since '90 and that’s what made me go nuts during the show….its like you transfer energy to us when that occurs from that…so please break more shit.
aaron_north: …?….. right on duder... trent still goes off... if he didn't, i wouldnt hafta keep sewing up all the broken clothes from when he throws my scrawny ass around every night. I like trains and muffins.

ninEater: alessandro- whats your favorite cheese? i like bleu.
a_cortini: jalapeno yogurt cheese, and porridge.

capricorn: To Aaron North:  Why you guys on BuddyHead voted Trapped In the Closet in the Best List of 2005? For real I don't buy that shit of enthralled with the lunacy, unless you are drunk, cause I saw it in a sadomasochist moment and still wanna to forget the shit voice of R Kelly. Even if you are joking, this guy should be on "get lost“ list joining that fucktard Chris Corne .
aaron_north: ll. Cos its fuckin amazing entertainment dude! Watch the whole thing. Funny enough, Jeordie, Alessandro, and Josh ran into him this morning in Chicago in a pancake house. No shit. I was bummed i wasn't there. Those pussies didn't even get pictures with him or anything. They blew it.

doc: Jeordie: What is your farm animal of choice?
jeordie_white: A Rooster

mistress_moomoo: Alessandro, which is your favorite song to perform live?
a_cortini: even deeper.

stigma: Jeordie, do you like Disney World?
jeordie_white: I like Disney Land better

milena: on a scale from one to ten- how Chinese do you feel?
a_cortini: 45

botleysmith: Trent, a lot of assholes on the internet called your comment on the Grammies out-of-line because you didn't win. Care to respond?
Trent_reznor: The Grammys suck, plain and simple - and here's why. They present themselves as being about artistic merit, but they are nothing more than a popularity contest - like the entire rest of the music industry. Don't get me started on this right now.

viss: to trent. how did you get involved with PETA? I like the basic idea of what they do, though some of their tactics are kinda lamo-you know. please tear my opinion apart, that'd be soo cooool. otaku forever.
Trent_reznor: They approached me and I wanted to help. That simple.

Wild_Thing: Aaron: Has Jimi Hendrix influenced your performance style?
aaron_north: Not really... that dude is way too good to even figure out what the fuck is happening when he plays... I suppose indirectly, cos he just goes balls out and does what he wants to... but yer not gonna see me lighting my guitar on fire while I'm sporting a fringed tye-dyed vest anytime soon.

stigma: What is Jeordie's favorite store to shop for clothes?
jeordie_white: Wall Mart

mistress_moomoo: Alessandro, how do you feel about being labeled the shy, quiet one of the group? Is it true?
a_cortini: it's great.

chemical_halo: what kind of animals (if any) do you have? whats your favorite animal?
Trent_reznor: I recently adopted a retired racing greyhound.

Russhudson: For Aaron: In the current repetoire, what songs have been the most fun in terms of trying different sounds, effects, approaches to your playing?
aaron_north: "With Teeth", "Please" and "The Big Comedown"... all are very fun to play as well as challenging to create different sounds for.

stigma: Josh, what is your favorite animal?
josh_freese: my favorite animal would have to be the sea monkey.....or wait...no.....chia-pet......NO.....COUGARS! It's COUGARS! Not the ones you find at the zoo but ones you find at Shopping malls (especially) in the mid-west and south. Ride 'em cowboy!

cindrum: Jordie, how is this tour different than the manson tours for you on stage and off other than less vomit?
jeordie_white: Different people,different band,different songs,different decade.

cremebrulee: MR JOSH FREESE: Do the rest of NIN members already know that you and your techie have psychic powers? Come on, take the challenge! who am I thinking of, right now?
josh_freese: You're thinking of.....ummm....Hey, that's not cool!

capricorn: Alessandro ?How's tortellini sounds to you?
a_cortini:  tasty.

capricorn: thanks rob. So to Josh Freese:  Why your site is always under construction?
josh_freese: Cuz there's alot of construction going on over there right now.

annala6842: Will there be backstage passes for the concert at the john labbats centre? I've always wanted to get to meet you guys, and I know my boyfriend would love it, if there will be, how would I go about getting two of them? one for myself and my boyfriend. Thank you very much for your time, I hope I havent troubled you with my question.
aaron_north: Easy... yer boyfriend just has to let me blow him

spiral_eyes: Question for Josh: Which member of NIN would you least like to see naked?
josh_freese: I've always been a little bit curious about Aaron.

viss: Have any of you seen "Brokeback Mountain?" I liked it.
josh_freese: Saw it with TR. What now bitch?

MusicklyInclind: How's everyone enjoying the touring?
jeordie_white: its been quite a gas so far

pragmatica: Aaron: What do you plan on doing once the touring is over? Any side projects, etc?
aaron_north: I'm sure I'll put something together once I have time... so far nin and buddyhead stuff have consumed all my free time over the past year.

sharkdiver: Josh: Are you still being weird about it?
josh_freese: Fuck you

viss: what are some good books I should read? to everyone in the band.
jeordie_white: Anything by David Icke is quite funny

skufti: Alessandro: did you catch the opening ceremony of the Olympics?
a_cortini: no i didn't. I am not that much into sports .

sharkdiver: Aaron: what is the most embarassing band you would admit to liking?
aaron_north: I'm not embarrassed about liking anything. Music is made to be liked. If it's shitty, I just don't listen to it. I'm sure I like a lot of stuff you wouldn't think is "cool"... simon & garfunkel, neil diamond, etc etc

sharkdiver: Josh: Are you still being weird about it?
josh_freese: Just kiddin. But the answer is no....I'm NOT being weird about it. Never was. That's what I'm sayin' Foolio Iglesias! DON"T BE weird about it.

SillyPutty: Alessandro: If I were going to visit Italy, what's one place you would recommend I see?
a_cortini: Florence.

stigma: Um has Jeordie ever been to Blizzard Beach in Orlando? That place is funnnnn
jeordie_white: "Blizzard Beach"sounds awesome

becomingfragile: Trent: So what do you think of most bands today?
Trent_reznor: I think most bands coming out today - certainly the ones getting played on the radio - HAVE to be motivated by something different that what does it for me. I have a hard time sensing any degree of sincerity. Seems like their goal must be to be successful and popular.

scole: Did you watch the Grammy's? It was too bad they couldn't give Bowie his award on the air.
josh_freese: No....that's pretty cool I thought! They had to make airtime for Fresh Prince and Bonnie Raitt and all those other fucks.

chappu: Band minus Trent: what were your initial thoughts to NIN prior to joining the band?
aaron_north: I thought I'd hafta shave my eyebrows, wear dog collars, mesh tank tops, and black bicycle shorts on stage. i was actually kinda bummed when i showed up for practice the first day dressed like that, and everybody was looking at me weird.

alison22: Trent: what do you think about the band Sigur Ros?
Trent_reznor: I like them.

pragmatica: Josh: How are you enjoying working in the NIN camp so far?
josh_freese: Me likey.....long time.

guerrillaradio: trent - do you write songs in anticipation that they will be singles?
Trent_reznor: no

ileesia: to josh----my 5-year-old son "drums" on anything he can find...i'm considering getting him a kit...where do i start, since he's so young?
josh_freese: NO! Step away from the drums! Do him a huge favor and get him a real estate license instead.

stigma: Is Jeordie sensitive to cold weather?
jeordie_white: Jeordie prefers cold weather. He gets a chance to sport his wide collection of cozy jackets

ssiegler: Subtracting the melodies, hooks and beats - which chord structure on [With_Teeth] do you feel best represents the spirit of the album?
Trent_reznor: That makes my head hurt even thinking about that.

odysseyuwrf: Band: How do you feel about spending part of your Valentine's Day with your fans?
aaron_north: wuddya talkin about? i'm gonna spend the night after the show licking chocolate syrup off josh's nipples.

streichholz: Hey Alessandro; How about an mwm tour in europe (once you're done touring with nin)??? That would be the coolest thing. I so love the ep, it's my favourite cd at the moment. You have a really nice voice. Can't wait to hear more:: biggrin
a_cortini: that would be cool.There are no plans for touring so far.

april: AARON: What is your favorite thing for breakfast?
aaron_north: pralines and DICK

guerrillaradio: who's the worst at video games?
a_cortini: aaron.besides being able to play Zelda, he's a loser.

pixiesaresublime: Josh when are you going to color your hair?
josh_freese: I color it pink once or twice a year like clockwork. I'm comfortable w my sexuality like that. Rest of the time it's blonde.....don't TRY to come steppin'!

chappu: Band: due to the drummer issues during the fall tour the setlist was pretty basic(excellent still) are you excited for tonights show? to perhaps debut some songs not yet played?
a_cortini: it's gonna be great.

kaikai: Does seeing how decayed the "music industry" has become and what's force fed to the masses ever make you want to give up, or does it always spur you to make more creative, progressive music?
Trent_reznor: Good question. Both sometimes. I truly am looking forward to the soon-to-happen collapse of the major-label music industry world.

ileesia: to all----who would you like to see win in a rumble...Robert Smith (from the Cure) or Morrissey, and why?
aaron_north: morrissey would totally roll that fat fucker... but i like both those guys. total cat fight.

r_martinez: to mr freese, whats the latest song u have learned for this tour? is it "the perfect drug"?
josh_freese: I Want A New Drug

rchaanine: i have a question for jeordie- ok, seriously, why the hand clapping during march of the pigs and the hand that feeds?
jeordie_white: My love for rock music makes me want to dance,sing and clap my hands to some good ole'knee slapin good times

punkdevil3oy666: Will you play The Perfect Drug?
a_cortini: maybe.

Trent_reznor: blow me.

ItDestroysMe: Aaron, since you live in LA, do you know Katie hatie?
aaron_north: naw brah

ClashByMyNight: Trent: On Cat Power The Greatest, what's your favorite track?
Trent_reznor: I haven't heard it yet. Any good?

elissa: Do any of you ever wish that you could be a woman for a day?
jeordie_white: Only when i have really bad gas.women never seem to fart

josh_freese: NIN!

Impure: Allesandro, what keyboard players do you like to listen to?
a_cortini: Fletcher.

stigma: Is Jeordie double-jointed?
jeordie_white: i dont smoke pot

halo33: Another one for Trent. How do you feel about Apple switching to Intel chips? Being the mac afficionado that you are, I was just curious
Trent_reznor: I've messed around with a universal binary of Logic running on a new Intel iMac and it's FAST. So, I think it's great. Also, if it gets the prices of Macs down to lure more people away from Windows, even better.

smllyjlly: what do you think that it takes for a band starting out to make it in the business right now short of being a souless puppet
aaron_north: well... yer never gonna "make it" if you look at making and playing music as a business. if you start playing music to make money, yer gonna quit pretty quick, cos its a long and hard road until you ever see any miniscule amount of success... people that "make it" do so because they stick with it for a long time cos there's nothing else they'd rather do, and prefer sleeping on floors and touring in vans and eating 7-11 burritos to staying home and working a job that guarantees "stability".

pixiesaresublime: Aaron analog or digital delay? Both?
aaron_north: both

sonia: Trent - what's your connection with Ian Astbury & are you still in touch with Clint Poppie?
Trent_reznor: Ian is one of the best rock vocalists EVER. We worked on a few tracks together a few years ago, but I didn't have my shit together. Clint is a friend as always.

halo33: This question is for Mr.Freese. Hey Josh, I loved your One Man Orgy CD. Any plans on releasing another solo cd? Or is Trent keeping you too busy? :)
josh_freese: Glad you liked it. I liked it too. Yes...I have a fantastic record that I'm very excited about that I just need to sing on and then find some sorry ass fuckers to release it for me. Hopefully by the end of the year.

Impure: Aaron, when you don't have a guitar in your hands do you enjoy playing air guitar?
aaron_north: no. air bass. maybe air sax. never air guitar. NEVER.

pragmatica: Alessandro: What are your plans or side projects once the tour is finished?
a_cortini: sleep a lot, play shows and work on modwheelmood material.

the_wretched: I have a question for Josh Freese. Josh, at the end of the last chat, when you didn't want to leave, did you have any idea that what you said, "I'm fucking staying here, and don't be weird about it!" would turn into a catch phrase?
josh_freese: Is it? That's cool.

h6a6t6e: Hi Big Al: Can you tell us your birthday (and year)?
a_cortini: may 24, 1976

pragmatica: To the whole band: Are there any particular bad fan behaviours you don't like to deal with when on tour? Share them with everyone so we can all avoid being 'that person'.
josh_freese: Try an avoid the whole interaction or conversation thing.

agentmrt: Aaron, did you get the tattoo of Jerome?’s name removed from your ass cheek? If so, will Josh?’s name be on the other cheek
aaron_north: ? no... josh's name is just above my left nipple.

Russhudson: For Trent: I love the 5.1 mixes of "Downward Spiral" and "With Teeth." The spatial element has always felt like an important part of your music. Any plans on doing a new mix of "The Fragile"?
Trent_reznor: I'd love to. Maybe when this touring cycle is over I'll get it going.

19ninetynine: Hey Josh, so how many NIN songs have you learned so far?
josh_freese: 32 I believe...somethin like dat.

shagg187: My Question is for Aaron?… What influenced you in making that memorable ?“look?’ in the current band photo? Even Trent is looking at you with a ?“what the fuck?” look and Josh is all ?“I don?’t want to look there or else it will be obv
aaron_north: ious.?” i guess i was a little grumpy about having to be awake in the a.m.

SillyPutty: Jeordie: Are there any good video games out there that you would recommend? And which do you prefer, the DS or the PSP?
jeordie_white: The DS by far.Still stuck on mario cart

pixiesaresublime: Trent what other rap acts do you like, besides Saul?
Trent_reznor: Old Public Enemy is still the benchmark, but I also love A Tribe Called Quest and the amazing Kool Keith.

fyyff: a_cortini:: do you like girls, guys, or animals?
a_cortini: all of the above, at the right time.

chris_lopo: Every NIN era has a cover. About WT? What cover will be?
Trent_reznor: not this time

stigma: Jeordie, did you ever have to pee really badly while onstage?
jeordie_white: No,but once I had to pee just a little bit.

solitude: This question is for Trent: Many of us remixers are wondering if Every Day Is Exactly The Same will be offered to us for downloading. Is this a possibility?
Trent_reznor: I'm not sure - just was discussing the possibility with management.

nailhead74: Cortini, what's your favorite Synth you use?
a_cortini: AS French Connection and Buchla stuff.

mistress_moomoo: Trent, last summer there were rumors about a special packaging of with_teeth that would include an essay written by you... any truth to it?
Trent_reznor: yes

botleysmith: Hey Mr Cortini, how did you spend your break?
a_cortini: going back to italy to visit my peeps, relaxing and working a little.

pixiesaresublime: Jeordie why are you always so calm during the grand finale of head like a hole?
jeordie_white: Should I "smash"my guitar for you ?

austngrrl: Alessandro: If I pay you, would Modwheelmood play my birthday party for Halloween? And if so, for how much?
a_cortini: i will be there, dressed up as the Kool Aid man, for 45 dollars.

shagg187: Josh, how is your new project w/ Wes and Danny going?
josh_freese: I made a record w those guys and I love them alot but don't have any touring plans right now with them.

Mr_selfdestruct9: This Question is for Aaron, What were the challenges of switching from a Punk rock style band, to a different setting that is Nine Inch Nails?
aaron_north: None. I always kinda thought Nine Inch Nails was punk anyway. Nine Inch Nails is certainly a lot more "punk rock" ethically and stylistically than all of these Fallout Boy, Good Charlotte or whatever poser dipshit bands are on mtv all day waving the punk rock flag anyway. These types of bands have bastardized a term that meant something to an older generation, and it's confused younger kids. Growing up, punk to me meant originality and playing by your own rules. That's what Nine Inch Nails is all about.

dinkdope: Josh. Have you been weird about it lately?
josh_freese: Yeah...on Tuesday night I was for a little while.

pragmatica: Trent: Are you going to keep wearing eyeliner from time to time on tour? We love it when you do.
Trent_reznor: just for you. p.s. I always have fish-nets on under those pants i wear

h6a6t6e: Jeordie: I noticed that you're looking mighty handsome in the recent promo pic on www.nin.com. Have you been working out? It really shows!
jeordie_white: photoshop

ruthreznor: Alessandro, how about those Intel Macs?
a_cortini: no idea yet...they look promising though.

brandie12: Trent, I read an interview you gave years ago and you had said something along the lines of admiring David Bowie, because he truly went through a tunnel and came out the other side, and you hoped one day to do the same, do you feel you've reached your goal?
Trent_reznor: It's a process. I'm further along than I was and still alive. Not complaining.

satyr: Who chose the Moving Units as support?
Trent_reznor: me

bleed: Aaron have you seen Brokeback mountain?
aaron_north: No, but all of my friends keep saying they see Trent coming out of that movie by himself... i dunno.

stigma: Josh, do you think dream catchers are pretty?
josh_freese: Is that a prison term?

fuzzynin311: JOSH. Is it fun to play NIN style of music or is it a bitch?
josh_freese: it's a fun bitch....beeeaatch!

magimorphous: Trent-How has being sober effected your relationships with your friends and your family in the last four years?
Trent_reznor: In every way. I just unexpectedly had to return to where I was raised to bury my grandmother. To be present and clear and THERE for my family was really something to be grateful for.

Mr_selfdestruct9: This question is for Aaron. What made you decided to audition for NIN?
aaron_north: i figured the new influx of cash would help me add onto my gonzo horse porn collection.

ileesia: to jeordie----if you were stranded on an island, what three albums would you absolutely HAVE to have with you?
jeordie_white: Bat out of hell 2by Meatloaf. Jagged little pill"acoustic version"by alanis whoresett and the Van Halen record with guy from Extreme singing

scole: Alessandro, are you keeping up with the running and the smoking?
a_cortini: i try.

Rez_Noir221: Trent, ever forgotten a lyric to your own song on stage?
Trent_reznor: As you internet people are quick to point out, YES. In fact, I expect to tonight during the 1st song.

Nirvana23: Jeordie I heard you quit marilyn manson because of different creative styles What were the Style Changes?
jeordie_white: funny.

foolish_jenn: Trent, with a certain glorified Hallmark holiday looming it got me wondering...What is your favorite love song?
Trent_reznor: Save The Best for Last - Vanessa Williams. Gets me every time.

Nirvana23: Trent When Will The Broken Music video be able to be purchased?
Trent_reznor: Probably never. Just download the fucker.

schmeckle: Hey Trent, I was fortunate to get an auctioned guitar and I noticed dots painted on the neck. What are these for?
Trent_reznor: So I can see the frets in the dark.

polly: Aaron-You hate old people as do I. Will you come to Tucson to kill them for me?
aaron_north: i was joking dude. but... i'll do it anyway, cos my hatred towards arizonians even outweighs my hatred for old people.

sweetjane: What features are playing on the tour bus DVD?
jeordie_white: Superman 3 with Richard Pryor.

Goldie: Trent: As a fellow electronic musician, can you point me toward anywhere on the web that would give me some insight into YOUR personal style and methodology of electronic composing and recording? An interview or profile? I'm interested in learning about your utilization of soft synths, modules, live audio vs. midi, etc. All the juicy technical stuff! Thanks! (from my husband)
Trent_reznor: I've been doing all my composing in Live. Really an inspiring environment to experiment with.

everythingiscold: Aaron: I made a Nine Inch Nails guitar, if I give it to you in Lexington would you play it!??
aaron_north: whats a nine inch nails guitar dude? is it in the shape of the logo or something? like the jack daniels bass michael anthony plays or something?

brightshadow3960: Josh: Has anyone been "weird about it?"
josh_freese: Yes...well...yes and no. Let me try and break it down for you here. "Being weird about it" isn't just a phrase you throw around lightly. It's something to be taken a little more seriously than I think everyone has been taking it 'round these parts lately. A friend of mine from San Diego was the one to coin this phrase and it really struck me in a way that I was able to relate to grasp onto at once. It's interesting cuz....even if someone's "not" being weird about it....all you have to do is say "Don't be weird about it" and all of a sudden shit gets weird and they're like "HEy man...I'M not being weird about it". It's funny how the weather all of a sudden changes and shit starts getting weird. Speaking of weird. What's with the whole McRib just poppin' up all over the place in random places for a (drum roll)....LIMITED time?? But if you travel around enough you really can be eating it all the time. Weird, huh? Cool for a guy like me he needs to be getting his "McRib on" on a fa

Jovany: hey twiggy, how was it like being ejected from Manson?
jeordie_white: like jumping into a cold pool of water on a hot day.

fakeplasticlove: alessandro - will there be any new equipment that you will use for this tour?
a_cortini: more delays, a buchla oscillator and a guitar i stole from aaron's trash can.

ericssonnin: do you feel an obligation to play songs like "hurt", "closer" and "hlah"? would you feel comfortable leaving one or more off of a set list?
Trent_reznor: Could I live a full life never playing head like a hole again? Probably. Do I hate playing it? No. Do I look at a live NIN concert as something that has an obligation to have certain elements in it? At this moment, yes.

Kimma: oh, and say hi to Sully for me?
jeordie_white: sure

RobinTMP: Just for the record, whose idea was it to take that picture with Meg White and post it on nin.com, resulting in thousands of fans damn near shitting themselves at the thought that she might be the new drummer? (You HAD to know people were going to take it that way... *grin*)
aaron_north: i guess that was my idea... yeah... just thought it'd be funny to see you dudes all trip over your own boners to speculate about it on the internet first... which is what happened. yahhhh.

stigma: Jeordie: If you had to choose between R2D2 and C3PO, which would you choose?
jeordie_white: R5d4

fragile: aaron; the sex pistols or the ramones?
aaron_north: the damned

jeordie_white: bye!

blinky: Trent, what "space" or frame of mind are you in for the new album?
Trent_reznor: Angry and fed up.

josh_freese: AAAaahaaaaa!

josh_freese: Brokeback!!

Trent_reznor: with that... see you later.

rob_sheridan: That's it for tonight's chat, thanks for coming. A transcript will be posted on The Spiral shortly.

josh_freese: BrokeBack!!!

josh_freese: Let's do this! 2006 up in this motherfucker!


josh_freese: last one!! yahoooooo!

josh_freese: CLOSING TIME!

josh_freese: Closing time!!

rob_sheridan: Here we go again...

josh_freese: CLOSINT TIMELS

josh_freese: Clostinj TIsmee!!

rob_sheridan: I'm leaving. Have fun Josh.

josh_freese: aaaahaaaaaaa!!!!

josh_freese: cloujsdf toiojimmeee

josh_freese: E=mc hammer 2

josh_freese: no what?

josh_freese: i mean....NOW WHAT?

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