November 15th Band Chat Transcript

By Nine Inch Nails for The Spiral Fanclub on November 15, 2005

Q & A with Trent - Starts @9PM EST

rob_sheridan> Hey everyone, welcome to the chat. This doesn't work like a normal chatroom. Everything you submit is considered a question for Trent, so it is only sent to the moderators. You can't see what other people are typing. So, try to avoid general chatter messages like "Hello?" or "Hi Trent!" You can do that in the regular Spiral chatroom. We are going to get a lot of questions, so try to only type in serious questions that you would like Trent to answer.

rob_sheridan> Yes, it's okay to start submitting your questions now.

trent_reznor> Hello everyone!

spiralhate: finally!

trent_reznor> Yes, finally. Bear with us, we're dealing with some advanced technology from the wizards at MusicToday.

rainlins: Good Evening Trent! Wondering how much you have enjoyed touring this time around compared to other large tours in the past?

trent_reznor> This has been totally different. Much better in a lot of ways. I'm much more focused on the show than ever before. Also very aware that the tour is FINITE. Makes me appreciate it more.

arrafay: Hey Trent, how are you doing this evening? I was one of the unfortunate ones caught up in hurricane Wilma and I was curious as to if you had any plans or ideas for making up for cancelling the Ft. Lauderdale venue? I know you won't let us down, so are there any plans in mind for future touring dates? Thanks so much

trent_reznor> Yes we are.

arrafay: Hey Trent, how are you doing this evening? I was one of the unfortunate ones caught up in hurricane Wilma and I was curious as to if you had any plans or ideas for making up for cancelling the Ft. Lauderdale venue? I know you won't let us down, so are there any plans in mind for future touring dates? Thanks so much

trent_reznor> Sorry, this software sucks ass. We just finished routing a new tour today. We will be touring North America from mid-Jan through March

jonvincent: I heard that you were willing to do a re-released version of Pretty Hate Machine with extra songs, but Ryko wouldn't pay for it. What extra songs do you have that are unreleased from that era? Any chance they can be posted on iTunes or on nin.com for free?

trent_reznor> There are a FEW snippets that are from that era that with the proper motivation could be developed / finished / mixed.

persephone66: When you started playing piano (5 or 6, right?), was it your choice/desire to play, or was it something recommended by a family member? Did you have a traditional piano teacher, or was it more Suzuki/freeform method?

trent_reznor> It was not my choice, my grandmother made me. Traditional teacher for about 10 years.

Trents1Fan_Ash: Will there ever be another album like Still?? That album rocked

trent_reznor> I'd like that, too. I'm working on a few things all at once right now. Some of the stuff is in that category and I may group it together into a similar-type thing. NOT the next "proper" NIN record, though.

morethanshapes: I've heard rumors of a soloish piano tour, similar to the performance for reAct. How likely is this, when might it happen, and can you provide us with any other details? I'm not even sure where my info's founded... I just remember reading it. Hotline, perhaps?

trent_reznor> Wow - many people have asked me that recently. I was thinking out loud during an interview when I mentioned that (never a good idea). I would LIKE to do that eventually, but it will not be in the next 6 months - my time is filled at the moment with touring and working on the new record.

mkivett: Can you please clarify the situation with Jerome Dillon in regards to the conflicting reports we've been hearing?

trent_reznor> Here's the truth: regardless of what he apparently now wants you to believe, we cancelled several shows due to his heart. He told me "I have a clean bill of health" and shortly thereafter he spent the night again in the hospital. We auditioned drummers to complete the tour - with full disclosure to Jerome. He reacted poorly to us finding someone and choosing to finish this current leg of the tour with that person. Tempers flared and the decision to permanently replace him was made - by everyone in the band and management. Jerome is a great drummer and I truly wish him well - sometimes he just seems to get his facts a little mixed up.

riot: Who shot/edited the videos projected on the screen durring this tour?

trent_reznor> Andrea Giacobbe did the films we show during ERASER and RWIB. Rob and I did the effect on BYIT. Roy Bennett designed the set, Martin Phillips programmed and designed the look, Alastair Watson operates and has embellished it as the tour has progressed.

somewhat_: Trent, will you continue doing meet & greets and soundchecks thru next years tour?

trent_reznor> Maybe. Let me explain. The condition I demanded in regards to continuing the tour was that I could have time to work on the new record. That may eat into soundcheck time for me. We'll see. I enjoy meeting you guys.

pamolive: How do you feel the tour is going so far? Are you getting worn out, and sick of it at all? You put so much into it every show, I can only imagine how tiring it must be.

trent_reznor> All good so far. The tedium of touring is setting in, and I've formally started working on the new record to attempt to occupy my mind.

ashesash24: any possibilities of releasing the tour on dvd

trent_reznor> I wanted to film this leg, but there was problems with the record label. I hope to film the upcoming tour (which will be announced very soon)

murdertramp: Can you explain the process of the generation of [With Teeth]'s artwork?

trent_reznor> Ask Rob, he's sitting right next to me.

insomnia69: Would you ever consider doing a completely instrumental album? Or a score as opposed to a soundtrack for a film?

trent_reznor> Maybe, as long as it didn't mislead people as to what it was.

rayne81: A while back you said that you moved to New Orleans because you could get away from the music business there. If you retire would you consider moving back to New Orleans?

trent_reznor> Maybe. I love it there.

fearfeelscarfyou: trent: whats your fav. band right now? What kind of stuff are you into...whaqts your fav. band overall?

trent_reznor> Right this second, Autolux. I LOVE their record and really enjoyed getting to see them play every night. I still don't know how they do what they do.

mkivett: What are the chances of hearing a studio version of "Non Entity", or other B-Sides/new tracks not on With Teeth?

trent_reznor> Chances are good. Patience.

phoenixinflames: I'm sure this question has been asked a million times but is Closure still going to be coming out on DVD? If so, when can we expect it?

trent_reznor> I've been asking that same question myself. It's done and waiting on the record label.

jupiterstar1978: You've said that the band will be touring more U.S. markets in early 2006. Any more news on that?

trent_reznor> YES. Coming very soon.

purplecrayon: Actually, when you're writing, do you have mental images that you translate into music, or does that depend on what you're working on at the time?

trent_reznor> A lot of THE FRAGILE started as visual "places" I'd picture in my mind, then try to "dress the set" with sound.

Papagolash: The lyrics on the lyrical poster such as "message to no one" "the life you didn't lead" and "the warning" will these be songs that we'll eventually see released?

trent_reznor> ?

christopher: By submitting the master tracks of THTF and Only you've done what I've always absolutely wanted ever since I was splicing NIN tracks together on my dual cassette player. Thanks for thinking of the fans and what WE truely want. You show this is much more than a job for you. Big ups to NIN.

trent_reznor> Thank you. I think a lot of bands are lazy. They follow in line with what they're "supposed" to do. I think a lot of shows are lazy. What does this have to do with what you asked?

jenistan: will you be purchasing manson's new fragrance?

trent_reznor> He's certainly made some things recently that SOUND like shit, has he moved into other senses as well?

sean_ix: Trent: What's the overall feeling you get after doing the meet & greets at shows? You've obviously affected many people with your music in very positive ways, what sort of feeling/impression are left with after hearing people's stories of the influence you've had on their lives?

trent_reznor> What I thought could turn out to be a hassle has been really cool. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be able to be doing this, so a sincere thank you from me is due.

funkergirl: trent- with the last release changing so much from the ones before it (fragile mainly) to more of a straight up rock type of thing- do you think you will continue in the same vein as "with teeth" or switch it up again? i've always loved how you can switch things up and still come across as totally confident in what you are doing.

trent_reznor> It really depends on what FEELS like the right thing to do - what excites me the most. So far, the new material is different than... well... different.

spookshow: being at the last show you played "not so pretty now" at (and the 2 after that) i was just wondering why you stopped playing it? did you just decide that you didn't want to play it anymore? are there any plans to release this song in the future? (studio version?)

trent_reznor> It will show up somewhere.

immortal2121: trent, how would you say Winnipeg's show went last night, you seemed to hold back a few smiles when the crowd would drown you out with their singing and cheering.

trent_reznor> I was really surprised! I didnt know what to expect and the crowd was excellent. We had a good show, too.

jadezuki: Live webcasts are obviously very difficult to do, but are something we would all love. Where do you see Nine Inch Nails online content moving in the next couple years? Are webcasts planned? More behind-the-scenes footage like we're getting now? More info content (e.g. setlist archives)?

trent_reznor> Webcasts are coming. More interactivity is necessary. This is primitive, but at least it's a start. Thanks for bearing with us.

ninlamer: Why no sacd version of with teeth? I think sacd shines above dvd quality sound, so was just wondering why one for tds and not with teeth?

trent_reznor> These decisions are made by record companies. Ask Interscope. I was told the future of music is the Dual Disc. Um... OK.

JayAmari: Trent, will we ever get to hear "And All That Could Have Been", "We're in This Together Now" or "Sunspots" live?

trent_reznor> Yes, maybe and yes.

Melba: Now that some time has passed. How do you feel about Nothing Records? Do you think you could have created "The Downward Spiral" or "The Fragile" if you had been directly under Interscope. Would those albums turned out different?

trent_reznor> Good question. As far as my own music, I don't think the concept of nothing records has any impact on the way they sound or the freedom to create them. As far as running a record company, I have no interest in this climate. The business side of the music industry is slimy and sickening.

jadezuki: You've mentioned that the next tour will probably be a two-band bill. Who is your ideal choice for the second band?

trent_reznor> Not sure yet. Someone that I like, respect and could imagine hanging out with. Probably not DFA1979.

pixel_pixie: when you are working on a song at what point do you know that you are done, without adding or taking away from it by continuing to tinker.

trent_reznor> I used to have a really tough time letting go. Now I'm learning when it's time to have the courage to say it's finished.

zupetals: How much of the stage design and production elements are your concepts?

trent_reznor> I'm involved with all aspects. I hired Roy Bennett to come up with the look, then I get involved with the integration and particulars.

Taryn: How has sobriety, and a general state of higher fitness, changed the way it feels for you to perform live?

trent_reznor> Completely different. Feels much more REAL. I'm PRESENT, and that's always a better way to experience something than fucked up.

paintballerdude1: Do you masturbate often?

trent_reznor> constantly. I am right now.

OmikronDreamer: Whats your opinion of how The Spiral has turned out?

trent_reznor> It's an ongoing process. I hear lots of people bitching, I hear lots of people grateful. I'm trying to do what I can to make it cool for you, and that's a process.

skufti: Will you be returning to Canada after this leg of the tour is over?

trent_reznor> yes.

megmo: So do you like your head shaved better?

trent_reznor> For the moment, yes.

sue: What was the last concert you went to as a spectator? Do you pick apart the sets/lighting/sound etc. or just enjoy the show?

trent_reznor> Just saw Kanye West and Dillinger Escape Plan one after the other in the same evening. Kanye did a respectable job for a hip-hop artist (who are ALWAYS terrible live) and Dillinger was unbelievable. The coolest thing I have seen in a long time.

swampswan: I'd like to see you record will Saul Willams, any chance of that?

trent_reznor> Yes, we've discussed working together on him new record.

crowdream9: how did you like visiting japan? did you do anything exciting? what did you buy at akihabara?

trent_reznor> I love Japan. If the language barrier wasn't so great, I'd consider moving there.

lemonkey: Also, do you remember this chick? She met you way back in 94 a few times during the Self Destruct tour. "Jenny" http://gallery.digitalgod.org/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=1867

trent_reznor> No, doesn't ring a bell.

ManBurning: did you guys make it through the snowstorm alright?

trent_reznor> YES! We are now enjoying Edmonton. Goodnight all.

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