NIN performs on CD UK

A fan writes in with her experience

By Esther for The NIN Hotline on April 2, 2005

After an amazing show on Thursday night, my friends and I waited outside the back entrance in a bid to meet the almighty! After waiting around for about an hour we overheard the roadies say that all their equipment was going to CD:UK the following day-our jaws dropped!

The next day on the phone, I rang up ITV Telesion Studios and found out that they were, in fact, playing! The best part was, we could have free tickets to see them! We made our way down, at the appropriate time, dressed in black, slutty clothes, expecting to see a convoy of NIN fans, but there was only the six of us!

The studio was tiny and there was only 200 people in there. There was no barrier at the stage AT ALL -- think "within touching distance" and thats where we were! After 2 & 1/2 hours of being forced to scream for the most appauling R&B chart rubbish and Italian TV link, word had escaped; NIN were on the move! Half of the teeny-bopper audience left, leaving the other half, us and 5 other NIN fans. I positioned myself directly in front of Trents mike...

The production team wanted to record some links, Jeordie White was smirking, Jerome didnt look too impressed(quite bored actually) and Trent was just quietly laughing with the rest of the band with a look on his face that said "what the hell are we doing here."

Me and my friends started cheering for them, it was mental-my god was standing in front me. I caught his eye and mouthed "I love you!" He smiled at me, yay! They played "The Hand That Feeds" three times and we all got abit of a mosh on. I dont think CD:UK knew what had just hit it! The last time was the best. Trent threw his plectrum on the stage. There other NIN fans were screaming for the stage guys to give it to them. He picked it up and came and gave it to me personally! Rock On!

After they finished, we legged it outside to try to meet the band. We waited for 10 minutes and then Trent walked out of the front exit. I ran over to him and he said "Well, that was a bit weird" to which my boyfriend replied "Ah well who booked you for that gig!" I asked if he would mind signing my copy of The Downward spiral for me. My friends had been mocking me, saying if we did meet him, I'd go crazy. Ha, they were were a dribbling mess on the floor, and I contained myself quite well! He was so lovely, he signed all our friends CDs, posed for all our photos, gave me a hug and a kiss. Yes! And oh my godness, what a nice guy. He was so friendly! We waved him off into the distance watching, while we were all puddles on the floor!

There must have been some serious crossed wires over the bookings because CD:UK is a pop show for teenagers, however, this crazy situation that formed, resulted in us meeting him, a once in a life time experience. I can't wait to see the pictures! SCREENING IS NEXT SATURDAY AT 2AM ON ITV- WATCH IT!

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