The Hand that Feeds

'Head Like a Hole

By Annie Zaleski for River Front Times (St Louis) on October 2, 2005

Nine Inch Nails -- and specifically its majordomo, Trent Reznor -- attract a loyal (if not sometimes bordering-on-the-obsessive) fan base. But one of Reznor's most ardent (but not obsessive) fans is Meathead, who helms the Meathead Perspective (www.theninhotline.net/meatpers/meatpers.html). The fan site isn't afraid to poke fun at the serious nature of NIN acolytes or the band itself (Meathead talking about NIN's new CD, With Teeth: "No matter what style of music you're into, you're bound to find something here that suits your taste, from underwater banjo solos to overdriven jazz flute harmonies to parakeets rapping") but is a goldmine for sarcastic commentary and hilarious parodies.

B-Sides: How long have you been a NIN fan?

Meathead: Since 1994, back in the days when I was still easily impressed by bad words in lyrics. But unlike most of the other music I was listening to at the time, NIN has actually sustained my interest over the years. Coolio, unfortunately, has not.

Does Trent Reznor know of your existence? Have you guys ever met?

Yeah, but I imagine he knows lots of people, so it doesn't really make me all that special. I doubt a guy who has David Bowie on speed dial would spend a whole lot of time thinking about me. We have met, though -- and yes, ladies, the rumors are true: He does smell like cinnamon.

If you and Trent Reznor had an afternoon to spend together, what would you guys do? Be specific. Money is no object.

Probably snort some blow and then go toilet paper Marilyn Manson's house. You know, the usual. Or if it happened to be raining that day, I guess we could just sit inside and speculate about what Coolio is up to these days. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Trent had him on speed dial as well.

How do you think up your creative NIN endeavors, such as the Trent Reznor hand puppet or the NIN version of A Christmas Carol?

I get all my inspiration from the Lord Jesus Christ. I am merely the vessel.

What's the weirdest piece of fan mail you've ever received from a NIN fan?

That's a tough one. NIN attracts an unbelievable number of crazy people. I guess the most ridiculous thing is when people take my page so seriously that they actually get angry at me. I mean, there are plenty of Web sites I don't care for, but I just don't go to them. There are a lot of angry, crazy people out there, and they all seem to have Internet access.

Who would win in a competition of Ms. Pac-Man, you or Trent?

Trent, no question. I have a life.

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