not every show is a great experience

By trent reznor for nin.com on September 29, 2005

I just finished telling someone yesterday I was looking forward to finally being able to work on some music - the production for the tour was finally feeling finished... now this.
Once again, I'm sorry for the postponement. I really hate having to do this.

On another note, some of you seem to have taken offense to comments I've made here about the audience in Sacramento. This area of the site is not for press releases or sanitized versions of anything. That was how I felt, and that's that. Not every show is a great experience. A lot of our performance draws from the energy and reaction of the crowd. It felt to me (and everyone else in the band) like we were punching a brick wall for 90 minutes with nothing coming back, and that was frustrating. It happens sometimes. It IS frustrating. We're not pretending or going through the motions when we're onstage and these factors affect us and the show.


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