jerome dillon update

By trent reznor for nin.com on September 29, 2005

today's bonus post: I really should know better by now, but I have read some BBs and feel the need to explain a few things.
Jerome Dillon does not have a drinking or drug problem. His illness is not the result of abuse, nor are there any purposefully vague statements about what's really going on with him. I am sure he is as frustrated and upset with the situation as everybody else. This is not his fault.
Next, I don't spend that much backstage and offstage time with the band, because their agenda is different from my own. They occasionally drink and party - I don't. When I was leaving the venue last night and found out the news about Jerome after everyone else - I was in a separate dressing room down the hall. Make sense?
Jerome is a great drummer and a great guy. We all wish him the best and hope to see him behind the drums again soon. At the present time, his performing live with us places him in a potentially very harmful situation.


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