Nine Inch Nails--SOLD OUT

Trent Reznor and friends make a stop in San Diego. The Dresden Dolls open both shows. Both shows are sold out.

By Jennifer Croshaw for Sign On San Diego on March 18, 2005

It started with his voice and ascended to the entire club screaming right along with him: Head like a hole / Black as your soul / I'd rather die / Than give you control. Fists in the air, slam-dancing (as it was called back then) and enraptured. And the song ("Head Like a Hole") wasn't even being performed live. It was just another club night, anywhere in America in 1989 or 1990.

Hearing NIN songs played over even the best sound systems is nothing compared to seeing the band perform live. Frenetic energy skips through the crowd as Reznor — dusted in cornstarch, clad all in black and combat-booted during 2000's Fragility tour — takes a deep breath and pours out his soul — every grimy, bitter drop. And we, the audience, suck it up. We revel in it, and even though exhausted, we beg for more.

On the band's first major tour in six years, NIN's focus is the eagerly anticipated "With Teeth" (on shelves May 3). A departure from 1999's critically acclaimed and instrumental-heavy "The Fragile," NIN's fourth full-length promises to be the aural assault fans have come to love and expect. In the past five years, Reznor said goodbye to live-performance bandmates Robin Finck, Charlie Clouser and Danny Lohner, and in this round welcomes keyboardist Alessandro Cortini, A Perfect Circle bassist Jeordie White and Icarus Line guitarist Aaron North. Drummer Jerome Dillon returns to the current lineup. (Foo Fighters fans should give the new album a listen if only to hear Dave Grohl's drumming chops throughout.)

The small-venue spring tour is just a taste of a large-scale fall tour. There's no word yet on whether the band will stop again in San Diego.

Brush up on your NIN listening with the following must-have NIN library of sound: 1989's "Pretty Hate Machine," 1992's "Broken" EP, 1994's "The Downward Spiral" and 1999's "The Fragile."
Updated March 18, 2005

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