Baring teeth

Trent Reznor is back with more shaky rock

By Kai Kristiansen for Adresseavisa on May 3, 2005

Trent Reznor is the man behind Nine Inch Nails, the one man band that gave rock an industrial and futuristic face in the early nineties and inspired artists like Marilyn Manson. On “With Teeth” Reznor har employed, among others, Dave Grohl. The result is a familiar and extremely listenable mix of progressive, industrial and alternative rock, but with edges more finely honed than before. Just listen to the strolling title track where the beating, hard motif loops until being relieved by a extremely quiet, piano based verse. Brutal, but at the same time vulnerable. Or the beautiful “All the Love in the World,” which is quite reminiscent of Radiohead. The worst track on the album is actually its single, “The Hand That Feeds”. It perfectly fits the radio format, is almost cynically catchy, but lacks the distinctiveness and edge we’ve come to associate Reznor with. But if we skip that one, we’re left with a well-above-average NIN-record. Highlights: “All the love in the world” and “With teeth”.
Translated by Sveinung Mikkelsen

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